Testimonials - Individuals

"My name is Clark G. and I live in Nashville, TN.  I'm writing this letter in regards to the excellent services provided by Patsy Kelly and  Medical Bill Review Services, Inc.  Their professional assistance in resolving insurance issues really savaed me a lot of time, energy and gave me peace of mind that went far and above my expectations.  I am the primary caregiver for my 83-year old Mom, who was diagnosised with Dementia/Alzheimer's early 2006.  In May of 2006 she was hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat.  In less than a month she was involved in an auto accident and ended up in the trauma unit at Vanderbilt Hospital.  As a result of these events, Mom started to receive a lot of medical bills and they were arriving at an alarming rate (we were looking at an estimated cost of $27,000).  I was trying to take care of these bills myself, many of which included errors due to incorrect filing with the insurance providers.  In addition to this, I was trying to take care of the responsibilities of meeting deadlines at my job, spending time taking care of necessary day-to-day chores, and also making sure Mom's needs were met.  This was becoming very difficult for me to handle.  When I saw the TV advertisements about Medical Bill Review Services in September of 2006, id did not take me long to decide to call Patsy Kelly.  Something had to be done to assist me in not only handling Mom's medical bills, but to "free up" some time where I could handle my other responsibilities.  The decision to call could be summed up with this thought:  No maater what Medical Bill Review Services' was going to charge or what their fee was going to be, it would be a positive investment.  When Patsy quoted the fee for their services, it was much less than what I expected.  This has proven to be a stress-free investment.  Asking them for help was better than the alternative; and that was possibly dealing with collection agencies.  I would like to end with this statement:  With help from Patsy Kelly and the Medical Bill Review Services staff, Mom and I are no facing around $500-$600 worth of bills instead of the original $27,000!!  Many, many thanks.  CG     

"I got your name and address when searching online regarding help with hospital bills. My 75-year old husband recently passed away. He was admitted in January 2005 for total knee replacement. There were unforseen complications so I was not prepared to keep careful records of the many doctors who were consulted. When he passed away in ICU in February of this year I was devastated. He had Medicare and was also covered by the insurance from his employer. I had begun receiving EOMBs from both carriers and bills from doctors that I did not know--some of the bills had even been sent to collection. I was at a loss trying to decipher them and was not in a position financially to start writing checks. I can't thank you enough for all your help. I will not put my children through this for me, please send me whatever I need to for you to take care my bills, etc. starting today!"
S. J. (age 72, AZ)

"When I learned about MBRS, I didn't think we really needed them but felt the costs for me and my husband was a good "peace of mind" investment.  I was so glad I went ahead and signed up-6 months after we signed with MBRS my husband had a serious illness.  It was wonderful-I didn't have to worry when all his hospital bills, physician bills, and other paperwork started pouring in.  MBRS managed everything!  It was a blessing.  I could stay focused on him-not the paper!  Thanks MBRS for being there." 
R. and J. K. (over 65, MI)

"I can't wait for you to start taking care of my parents.  Everytime I call my Mom she's dealing with her and my father's medical bills.  I want her to have fun and not worry about this stuff!" 
K. C. (age 45, GA)

"I wish I had known about this service last year!  It's worth every penny not to have to deal with this mess!" 
Doris L. (age 72)

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it's terribly intimidating once the bills start coming in.  I'm glad I had you to help me wade through them." 
D. N. (age 26, FL)

"I am so glad I found you!   Working full time in a stressful situation and trying to coordinate the care of my aging parent was bad enough.  But when the medical bills and other related paperwork started rolling in I felt overwhelmed.  To make matters worse, I started to develop health issues!  I felt like my life was suddenly out of control-something had to give.  Working with MBRS freed up time that I could spend with my husband and teenage daughter.  Sometime I even had time for me.  All the paperwork was organized and I was promptly notified of what, why and how much I needed to pay on my Dad's behalf.  The quarterly summary reports that were provided, enabled me to keep Dad up-to-date on what was going on.  Thank you MBRS for giving me back my life!"  
J. M. (age 45, TX)

"I was spending 4-5 hours a day trying to keep all the bills for my wife straight and calling the doctors. Since you guys have taken this over--I have time to go fishing!"
Thanks, H. G. (age 71, TN)

"Patsy, thanks for all the good information you sent. I am using it everyday."
J. M. (age 78, TN)