Self Insured Corporations

What Medical Bill Review Services Inc. can do for your company....

The cost of medical care is a major part of our national economy. It is estimated that health care consumers are overcharged by at least $10 billion annually. Medical bills have one of the highest error rates. Millions of dollars worth of medical billing errors go undetected every year. Studies have shown the average hospital patient overpays by $1,300. It is estimated that 90% of the hospital bills contain errors.

As a professional consulting firm, we will work with your company to determine if you and your employees have been improperly charged and that health care claims have been accurately processed by the claims administrator. Today's complex billing system means fraud and abuse often go undetected. We perform a comprehensive, 70-point review. Here are a few examples:

  • Surgeons billing for multiple surgical procedures that should be inclusive in the primary procedure.
  • Anesthesiologists over billing time units.
  • Pathologists billing for professional components for automated test.
  • Paying for non-covered employee/dependent.
  • Paying as primary carrier when in fact they are secondary carriers.
  • Paying for charges over the contract limits.

These billing errors, whether intentional or not, continue to increase health care costs. Our combined skills allow us to keep your corporations' cost down.

Our expertise can uncover these errors and recover money that belongs to your corporation which can result in :

  • Savings on your bottom line profits-we can review 1 to 2 years past claims and identify overpayments
  • Lowering your medical costs while helping your employees save on their share of the bills
  • Peace of mind you are not being overcharged
  • Confidence your claims administrator is providing the services stated in your contract.
  • Make sure claims errors are caught before your healthcare dollars are spent by taking advantage of our pre-pricing and review service
  • Save even more by having MBRS review both worker's compensation and health benefit claims

You have no financial risk! Medical Bill Review Services, Inc. works on a contingency basis, meaning we don't get paid unless we recover your dollars.

If you are interested in receiving additional information about our services, please e-mail us at or call us at (615) 783-1707; toll free (866) 615-1400.