Healthcare Providers

Undercoding, insurance denials, and contractual allowables can cost healthcare providers thousands of dollars. Medicare penalties for billing irregularities can cost healthcare providers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Review of collection and compliance issues for healthcare providers can have a very positive impact on your bottom line. Reviews of billing practices have increased collection ratios by as much as 40%.

According to the January 17, 2005 issue of REPORT ON MEDICARE COMPLIANCE, the nation's leading source of news and strategic information on false claims, overpayments, compliance programs, billing errors and other Medicare compliance issues: "At the direction of Congress, CMS is unleashing a new set of auditors on Medicare payment errors, and will pay them a percentage of the overpayments that CMS recovers."

As part of our comprehensive solution for healthcare providers, Medical Bill Review Services, Inc. provides the following services:

  • Conduct retrospective reviews of medical record encounters against codes actually billed to assure accuracy and regulatory compliance (you are ultimately responsible to ensure your third-party medical billing companies are compliant)
  • Provide written and/or verbal reports documenting findings of the review
  • Provide one-on-one consultation for providers and/or staff
  • Present coding workshops in your office, scheduled to suit your time and specific needs
  • Develop and implement systems to assure compliance with coding guidelines while assuring maximization of revenue
  • Assist in collecting dollars owed to you without sacrificing patient relationships
  • Review new and existing managed care contracts

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