Claim Administrators

Medical Bill Review Services, Inc. can help bring added value to your company and policyholders.

It comes as no surprise to read reports in major publications that 9 out of 10 hospital bills contain errors and overcharges.

Most insurance companies do not review hospital bills, line by line, under a certain dollar amount due to the overwhelming staff that would be needed to review the volume of claims they receive. We can assure you that bills under this amount still have numerous overcharges.

In most cases, these errors, if properly uncovered, can amount to a substantial refund or reduction on a total hospital bill. The review services our company provides are far more indepth than most internal or external auditing groups.

We can review hospital claims that are under your standard review limits or take the overflow that your staff is unable to handle. We can review and preprice claims before being processed or perform post payment reviews for:

  • Private Insurance Companies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Workman's Compensation Companies

The 70-point review that we perform will allow you to increase the dollar amounts in your client hospital refund reports as well as significantly increase the amount of savings for all your clients. Your increased client savings will have a positive impact on your competitiveness in the marketplace.

We work on a contingency basis (we get a percentage of recovered dollars). Not only is there is no financial risk to you or your clients, our arrangement could result in generating a revenue stream for your company!

Contact us today for a free sample audit. We can be reached via e-mail at or call us at (615)683-1707; toll free (866)615-1400.