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To Whom It May Concern:

Medical Bill Review Services, Inc. has provided coding and billing audit services for our facilities.  They have been flexible with our audit objectives whether the audit was focused on provider documentation to support the services billed, actual coding (unbundling, under coding, up coding), or evaluation of CPT coding techniques used to falsely increase reimbursements.  Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. provides an extensive continuum of behavioral health programs through its operation of mre than 90 owned or leased facilities with more than 10,000 beds.  In addition, PSI provides outpatient services in freestanding clinics.

MBRS executes their audits efficiently and timely.  We have been pleased with their accessibility and ability to provide quality audits which will minimize our exposure to compliance risk in today's billing environment.  Their time conducted on site is maximized, getting right to work, always interacting with the facility staff in a manner which is cooperative and non-threatening.  The auditors are knowledgeable and professional with diverse experience in medical auditing.

Audit reports are submitted promptly after completion of audits, not only addressing the audit objectives but the reports also provide additional recommendations on other pertinent issues noted during the audit process.  I feel they have exceeded our expectations in improving our compliance initiatives, thus enhancing our bottome line through improved coding and documentation.  We look forward to a continued auditing relationship with MBRS.


Carla Lankford
Billing Audit Manager
Internal Audit
6640 Carothers Parkway
Sutie 500
Franklin, TN  37067